October 2016: Fall shipping season has just started. We are sold out of just about everything! We may have plants available for spring shipping, depending on what we find after the worst growing season in memory (extreme drought). If you have already placed an order, you should receive it by late October or early November. If you are looking to place an order, we'll update our plant list for the spring shipping season in late November.

For our US customers: our prices are in Canadian dollars, which means they're now much cheaper in $USD (the collapse of oil prices has dragged down the Canadian currency). But it also means we've had to raise our shipping rates. You will still find that our total prices are very competitive.

Norton Naturals sells an assortment of plants that can be used as perennial vegetables. Most are or have been extensively used in many cultures, but are now either uncommon in the plant trade or rarely used for food. We focus on the most nutritious plants available: tubers (or their equivalents: corms, bulbs, and rhizomes). For each plant, we provide a complete description, planting and ordering instructions, and availability (most of these plants need to be planted at specific times of the year, and often in the fall: plan ahead!). Enjoy the site, and do not hesitate to contact us for additional questions.

Keep in mind that we only ship at two periods of the year, typically mid-October and early April. We'll do our best to ship orders received close to our cut-off date (usually early November for fall, mid-April for spring), but depending on weather, etc., we may have to wait until the following shipping period. Order early if you want to be sure to receive your plants on time. Email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Apios americana (potato bean, hopniss, Indian potato, groundnut)Apios americana (potato bean, hopniss, Indian potato, groundnut)Sagittaria (arrowhead, duck potato, iz-ze-kn, katniss, kuwai, swan potato, tule potato, wapato, wapatoo)